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Double Cuff Custom Dress Shirts

Double Cuff Dress Shirt

The double cuff custom shirts, also known as French cuff shirts, is a formal wear dress shirt worn by both women and men. A double cuff shirt has button hole cuffs on both the sides and is fastened with silk knots or cufflinks. Double cuff makes the dress shirt much more luxurious and sophisticated than a lone cuff dress shirt.

Shirt double cuff is the most innovative and elegant form of custom shirt cuffs since it gives you chance to create a new cuff style with different silk knots and cufflinks anytime when you want to. Without silk knots or cufflinks, whether its men's double cuff shirts or women's double cuff shirts both cannot show off a shiny or catchy presence.

Custom double cuff dress shirt is the ideal dress shirt for formal settings for women and men both. It can be worn beneath a suit for traditional ceremonial events and also can be worn with a pair of jeans in relaxed formal settings. Moreover, significant is the form of cufflinks used as ornamental fastener. You can go for a variety of elegant cufflinks including traditional cufflinks, novelty cufflinks, utility cufflinks, humorous cufflinks, contemporary cufflinks and many others. Whereas for a casual appearance go for silk knots.

We offer a wide collection of double cuff custom shirts for men and ladies, double cuff shirts which include contrasting or white double cuff shirts, black double cuff shirt, blue double cuff shirts, grey double cuffs shirts and many more. The most wearing double cuffs custom shirts are double cuff white shirt and double cuff black shirt. You can make great combinations of these double cuff shirts to show off a stylish and elegant personality.

Cufflinks and Stud Sets

Cerise offers custom shirts in several designs at highly reasonable prices that no other online clothing supplier offers. The method of personalizing custom dress shirts at Cerise is extremely effortless. By simply choosing a fabric, color, measurements and design as per your requirements, you are done. We assure you that once you endeavor our custom dress shirt you will forget all other online clothing vendors.

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