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High Collar Dress Shirts Are Back In Fashion

The high collar shirts differentiate itself from the ordinary collar because of its higher collar band. Certainly, high collar dress shirts have two buttons for closing it. High collar dress shirt is a must have for any trendy closet as it offers more trendiness than the traditional ordinary Cutaway collar.

High collar dress shirt

The height of high collar shirts men must not be more than 1/93 inch or 4/9cm, Point Length 4, 33 inch or 11cm and Spread 3, 54 inch or 9cm. At Cerise you can enjoy various features of mens high collar dress shirts including Vertical Stripes, Removable Bones, Colored tape inside and much more. Also cerise offers big collar shirts in various contrasting colors inside the collar along with the buttons.

Style Advice for mens high collar shirts

The Cutaway high collar mens shirt is perfect to be worn with a Windsor knot tie as well as any double knotted nice colored tie. The high collar shirts, also known as big collar shirts consider suitable for those who have long, small necks.

Classic High collar shirts for women

High collar shirts woman is a variation of classic collars. The difference between High collar shirts and classic collar is that the classic High collar shirts are higher in shape. Its long tips and points offer elegance to the dress shirt. The classic High collar shirts for women can also be produced in another fabric than the rest of the dress shirt.

High collar mens shirt

The height of woman high collar shirts must not be more than 1, 85 inch or 4/7 cm, Point length 3, 15 inch or 8cm. To be worn closed or even opened, this collar appears very refined and sophisticated on women with long necks.

Cerise offers classy italian high collar shirts in highly affordable cost. Designing procedure of large collar shirts at Cerise is extremely effortless and trouble free. We assure you that once you experience our big collar shirt, you will forget all other clothing vendors.

Design your high collar shirts ยป

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