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Custom Shirt Cuff Styles

Custom Dress Shirt Cuffs

A well-named online dress shirts vendor Cerise offers you a number of cuff styles to choose from. Although making a decision of selecting shirt cuffs is relatively straightforward. It completely depends on you either you like to wear cufflinks with the custom dress shirt or not.

There are two famous shirt cuff types you will come across except French cuffs.

Barrel cuff shirt or button cuff shirts

Button cuffs also known as barrel cuffs are very traditional sort of cuffs with in-built buttons. It is a modern, functional and the most selling shirt cuff tends to have single button cuffs shirt. The corners of this cuff shirt can be angled or square in shape. The dressier form of the shirt button cuff has 2 or 3 buttons instead of only 1.

Some button shirts cuffs are changeable, that means they have buttons along with 2 holes on the dress shirt cuff, this is because of your convenience so that you can cut off the buttons to transform the cuff shirt to be a single cuff shirts worn with elegant cufflinks.

The Turnback Cuffs, popular as James Bond cuff style

First this famous cuff dress shirt style was introduced by Jermyn Street tailor Turnbull and Asser and then commercialized by Sean Connery in the first film of James Bond which was titled as Dr. No., the turnback cuff shirts for men combines the stylishness of a French mens cuff shirts with the comfort of buttons. In addition this famous style is known as cocktail cuff shirt as well.

Apart from these dress shirt cuff, Cerise offers many of other shirt cuff styles including Angled Corner Cuffs, Square Cuffs, Trendy Short Square Cuffs, Envelope Cuffs and many more which can be worn in both casual as well as formal settings. Moreover, you can also endeavor wearing white collar and cuff dress shirts in any casual locale to show off a unique and stylish appearance.

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