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Tuxedo shirt is a must have in every men wardrobe.

Tuxedo shirt, also sometimes referred as tux shirt is an essential dress shirt for gala and ceremonial and Blacktie occasions. Tuxedo shirts are customarily designed with a french cuffs and wing collar cut in the diluxe white pique cotton fabric.However, shirts for tuxedos accessories like bow ties and cuff links are mandatory closet items.

Cerise is proud of its reputation of providing finest quality womens tuxedo shirts and mens tuxedo shirts to its precious clients for past uncountable years.

Custom Tuxedo Shirts

Choosing the color and design of either tuxedo shirt for women or tuxedo shirt for men is completely depends on the occasions requirement. Though mostly in formal occasions only white or tuxedo black shirt are seen.

At the time of designing either black tuxedo shirt women or black tux shirt men, the first peice that should be considered is collar, Wingged collar style or Turndown collar style? The concept of wing collar was brought to us from an epoch when men used to wear tailcoats (However, some still follow this trend, mostly demonstrated by Royal Weddings). Tux shirts can be the best option if you are leaning toward a peculiar necktie option or defy we say, no necktie at all.

Less-starched and Unpretentious turndown collars are more casual option for a white tuxedo shirt or tuxedo black shirt.Whether its women tuxedo shirt or men tuxedo shirt, it offers you interesting shirt-front treatments to choose from. Though, cotton fabric shows off elegance without being regimented.

While we applaud tuxedos shirts, in formal settings and specifically with a turndown collar style, the cut must be generous enough to differenciate your white or black shirt tuxedo from something ypu wear in your daily routine.

Tuxedo shirt is a "must have" for both men and women. Now no longer you need to belong to those who rents tuxedo shirts and bears somebody else's sweat stains, cerise has brought you a wide collection of both tuxedo shirts women and tuxedo shirts men at highly affordable prices that no other online dress shirt vendor provides.

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