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Charming Wing Collar Tuxedo Shirts

Wing Collar Dress Shirt

Wing collar design is mostly worn on Tuxedo dress shirts. Wing collar is small in size and starched widely to stand up straight, with the both front points pushed down beneath the chin. It is titled as wing collar because of the element that it looks like wings. For formal occasion mostly necktie or bowtie is worn with wing collar tuxedo shirt.

Earlier mostly tuxedo shirt wing collar with bowtie used to be worn in high profile occasions and events like elite class weddings, operas, balls, ballets where they have traditional white or black tie dress codes. The wing collar shirts invented in 1900s, and made renowned by King Edward VII, who used to be acknowledged for wearing trendy and classic attires during that era.

Nowadays wing collar dress shirt is worn on special occasions like red carpet receptions for celebrities, Oscar awards and other high profile parties. The wing collar tuxedo shirts are usually white in color and pleated with extra starch to provide a crisp and sharp appearance. People also use dress shirt studs for tuxedo shirt wing collar rather than dress shirt buttons to apprehend the shirt together. Wing collar shirts are supported by French square or angled style of cuffs with matching or contrasting cuff links.

To get your wing collar dress shirt, you do not need to make any efforts; Cerise offers you a perfectly stitched wing collar shirt with all the attributes that will make you appear as the most dashing being on earth. You are just few clicks away from getting your wing collar dress shirt. Simply by selecting your desired fabric, color, designs and measurements, you are ready to enjoy your own wing collar shirt which you can wear in high profile settings, weddings and any other luxurious occasion.

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